Links & Fun Stuff

The Editing Couch
– My daughter Robyn Couch’s blog to share her short stories and poems, and her thoughts about writing, college life, etc., in hopes of connecting with others.

The Thumbnail Traveler
– An entertaining travel blog by photographer Steven Barber

Creating in Flow
– Stimulating blog focusing on staying creative – Susan K. Perry

Jeff Glover Arts
– Artist Jeff Glover’s creations
– Website of Robert Belenky, psychologist, author and former owner of the Clearing

Sleevey Wonders
– Talented entrepreneur and amazing artist Ruthann Greenblat creates a unique clothing accessory, and all the artwork on the sight is hers!

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A few of the books/publications in which I have had the honor of being published:

Solace in So Many Words
– Ellen Beals, Editor

Kiss Me Goodnight, Stories and Poems by Women Who Were
Girls When Their Mothers Died
– Ann O’Fallon and Margaret Vallancourt, Editors

– Slipstream Press
(My work is published in archived issues #20 and #22, under my former married name, Patti Couch)

– Joan Jobe Smith, Marilyn Johnson, Barbara Hauk, Editors
(Published here circa 2000, under the name Patti Couch)




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