More crops and critters

Waiting for one of these little buggers to hold still for a photo
is no small exercise in patience.

This swallowtail is much more cooperative.



Irises everywhere.

So much beautiful color.

Love this pretty flower, but I have no idea what it is called. Anyone?



We were making our way down the driveway when a deer jumped across the road. We stopped to gaze at her as she headed for the woods, but then she stopped, turned her head around and gazed back, from maybe 25 yards away, unmoving. I didn’t have my 250mm telephoto lens on me, so this was the best I could do, but she gave me plenty of opportunity to photograph her – we were surprised that she did not disappear right away into the woods after crossing the road.

Then we got our answer – Eric spotted her fawn in the rear view mirror, crossing the road after her, right behind our car.

We waited until they were reunited before taking off, so as not to scare them with the sound of the engine. Mikey was on Eric’s lap, half-hanging out the window, riveted the whole time, emitting a couple of threatening growls. (Glad he’s keeping us safe from the terrifying predators of the forest!) What graceful, lovely creatures. I love shooting pictures of deer. I can’t imagine ever shooting a deer.

Finally released this critter into his natural habitat, and he could not be happier or more at home.

The view as you come out of the woods behind the house. See why they named it “The Clearing”?

5 thoughts on “More crops and critters

  1. Simply wonderful words and photos. I feel like l am there with you! The flower appears to be a wild aster of some sort. Researching it!

  2. Is that a type of Bachelor Button? (Not Rick – the flower you questioned 😉 ) Love the photos! Especially the light shining ‘through’ the does ears, where they are thinnest, making them appear red.

  3. Thanks, Connie! You made me giggle. And I love the way the light shines through the doe’s ears, too. Maureen, thank you for the praise, and let me know the results of your research!

  4. I am enjoying reading your blog Patti! Your photos are remarkable and hearing about your new life is so exciting. Happy for you both!

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